Some news about us!

The Club's AGM

Posted on 20 November 2013

Club Aquarius' AGM took place on 9 November in the Mespil Hotel. The attendance was good and we were able to enjoy a lively debate. The 2014 Committee was also nominated. Our members will find further details in our next newsletter (News Strip) which should be published shortly.

Celebrating 50 years of INA

Posted on 12 July 2013

The first meeting of the INA was in 1963 . To mark this 50th year in existence, and in keeping with this year of the Gathering, the INA would like to invite all current and past members of INA as well as all naturists who are interested to a Gathering on the Naturist used section of beach in Brittas Bay, Co Wicklow on the August bank holiday Sunday 4th Aug.
Check out their website for directions or contact us for more information.

Visit this link to listen to Derek Mooney interview Pat Gallagher (President of the INA).

The News Strip

We are putting together a newsletter for our members. We think it is a nice way to keep everyone in the loop, share tips on holidays resorts, upcoming events organised by the club and other issues.

We are planning to publish three or four newsletters per year. They will all be available for download by clicking on the links on the right handside of the screen.
In order to open them, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have it installed, please click here to download and install it.

Do you feel like joining us?

As Club Aquarius is a non-profit making club, membership charges are very reasonable. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

ina's aims

Campaign for "Clothing Optional" beaches |
Locate new naturist venues |
Increase membership (through increased use of advertising) |
Establish a club in the west of Ireland |

naked guinness world records

The greatest number of people skinny dipping at a single venue is 413.
The record for the most naked people on a theme park thrill ride is 32.