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In this section, our members provide their own reviews of centers-beaches they have visited, their opinions etc. It is always worth mentioning the time of year when talking about any holiday venue whether it was off season, mid season or high season for the region.
Accessibility is always important and let us know if your visit was just part of a holiday or whether the holiday was a naturist one. Where possible include a link to the centre/resort and give an idea of prices and pitfalls. Here are a few holiday souvenirs from some of our members. You can email your reviews at .

The locations are sorted by airports

This way you can at a glance see all the venues available to you within 100km radius of the airport you are flying to.
Airport Venue Name Country Review
Barcelona/Girona Relax-Nat Spain
Just over 100km north of Barcelona but only 30 Km from Girona airport this is another lovely welcoming spot. The only downside here is that it is a few miles from the nearest beach. There are a couple of naturist beaches nearby and they are spectacular, but you do have to get out and find them.
On arrival we were pleased to see the centre full of Spanish families, there was a real buzz about the place, however come Monday everything had changed they had all gone home. The centre does a an off season 4 weekends promotion and I suppose this is what fills the place.
We were left with just a few Dutch holiday makers who kept very much to themselves. They are multilingual at reception and in the evening the bar staff spoke English but for breakfast and lunch at the bar we got to use our Spanish and even picked up a few words of Catalan.
Despite the lack of beach access I would recommend it, the pools are great and there is even an outdoor heated pool.
Barcelona/Reus El Templo Del Sol  Spain upcoming
Malaga Costa Natura Spain
Absolutely beautiful, impeccably maintained grounds with a beach just a few steps away. There is a wonderful poolside bar/resto, . As we only had the week we treated ourselves to breakfast lunch and evening meal every day at a very reasonable price. Nudity is the norm, throughout the centre except for the evening meals at the resto. There is also a small snack bar beside the “terrain de boules” if you fancy micro waved mini pizzas and chips….
Facilities include sauna and steam room, small shop, pool (of course) library, games and TV room with Wi-Fi available in the reception area.
The staff are very friendly and you are well looked after everywhere. Language should not be a problem as most speak English but what we really enjoyed was the encouragement (and help) we got as we tried to speak Spanish. Once you enter the centre there is really no need to leave and we didn’t.
We visited the centre twice, for a week each time once in mid June and once at the end of August mid season for the area. It is about 75Km from Malaga airport and a bus -train -taxi got us there easily and cheaply. Our flight home was early enough in the morning so we took a taxi. If you arrange this at reception beforehand there is a set charge of 90€ which works out cheaper than hiring a car for the week unless of course you are using the centre as a base for visiting the region.
The only downside was the size of the accommodation and the fact that it is perhaps a bit pricy compared to other centers but you pay for what you get and it is 4star.
Our last visit does date back to 2010 so someone can perhaps update… 
Malaga Almanat Spain Last minute decision, just needed some sun. the minister for foreign Affairs disappeared to Halfords to buy a 2 man tent and off we went to Malaga and the closest naturist campsite to the airport.
Almanat is situated about 30Km east of Malaga. And east of Malaga is so very different to the strip stretching west from Malaga to Estapona. East is definitely where it is at, long unspoilt sandy beaches and guess what no towering hotels or lager louts.
From the airport we took a taxi (about 30€) to the site. The Spanish have kept this one for themselves. First surprise no one spoke English, we were now definitely on holidays.
The centre is spotless and has direct access to the beach. There is a small bar/coffee spot behind the reception area and a Beachside resto. All very reasonably priced. If I remember correctly a breakfast of coffee, freshly squeezed juice and toast/jam came to 2€. That was breakfast lunch and dinner sorted.
The site was almost full when we arrived yet the place did not seem crowded. The clientele is 99% Spanish I think we only heard one English voice during our stay.
We only left the place once during our stay, to take a walk into the nearby town when we ran out of books. The site has its own pool and the usual activity centre.
There is a very poor quality video on
A place we would recommend and taxi there and back cheaper than a car hire. There is a bus direct to Malaga but that would have taken too much to figure out.

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