About us (the naked truth)...

The Club

Club Aquarius is affiliated to the Irish Naturist Association and was founded in 1981 so that members could have more input into events and club policy. The club has many members Nationwide.


Naturism is founded on the principle of that it is a way to live in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, which aims at promoting the respect of oneself, of others and of the environment.
When naturist families and couples meet to swim in an indoor pool in Dublin bi-monthly, all are equal, in an environment where one's troubles are left with one's clothes: in the changing room.


Membership charges are very reasonable. Club Aquarius is a non-profit making club, run by a committee of its members on a voluntary basis.

The Swimming Sessions

Club Aquarius members meet twice monthly in a specially reserved time slot at a heated indoor swimming pool on Dublin's southside. This location also has a steamroom and a sauna.
As this event is only for members and their guests please contact us to be invited for an introduction to the club.


We organise picnics and garden parties (weather permitting of course) in different scenic locations around Leinster which would normally include a barbeque, lawn games and other fun activities.
We are currently looking for suitable venues and ideas for further events so all suggestions and input would be welcome.



Do you feel like joining us?

As Club Aquarius is a non-profit making club, membership charges are very reasonable. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

ina's aims

Campaign for "Clothing Optional" beaches |
Locate new naturist venues |
Increase membership (through increased use of advertising) |
Establish a club in the west of Ireland |

naked guinness world records

The greatest number of people skinny dipping at a single venue is 413.
The record for the most naked people on a theme park thrill ride is 32.